• Heap Regions X-Large

    Until now G1 heap region size has been limited to 32MB due to previous limitations in the remembered set data structures. With JDK-8275056 JDK 18 will bump that limit to 512MB. Read on about how this works, how you can use it and a brief discussion about the possible impact of this change for you.

  • JDK 17 G1/Parallel GC changes

    A few days ago JDK 17 went GA. For this reason it is time for another post that attempts to summarize most significant changes in HotspotĀ“s stop-the-world garbage collectors in that release - G1 and Parallel GC.

  • Evacuation Failure and Object Pinning

    At the end of the post about JDK 16 improvements to the Hotspot VM I mentioned that it added preparations for object pinning. I would like to elaborate on that a bit more as I got some questions about it, particularly talking about the problems, potential solutions and where to start working.

  • JDK 16 G1/Parallel GC changes

    This post recaps the most significant changes in JDK 16 HotspotĀ“s stop-the-world garbage collectors - G1 and Parallel GC.

  • Welcome 20% less memory usage for G1 remembered sets - Prune collection set candidates early

    For a long time remembered sets have been an issue with the G1 garbage collector. Recently there has been an interesting, small change [7] with quite a positive impact in this area that I would like to highlight a bit.

  • JDK 15 G1/Parallel GC changes

    JDK 15 just moved into the release candidate phase and I thought it is a good time for another entry in my recaps of significant changes in the OpenJDK stop-the-world garbage collectors G1 and Parallel GC - this time in blog format.